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Why You Should Always Book With a Broker

Brokers are one of the most important components of the auto transport industry. They provide a valuable service for customers and carriers alike by being able to facilitate transportation of vehicles between the two. Brokers are what most carriers rely on to find new loads to transport, mainly because they don’t have the ability to advertise and reach as many customers as a broker can. Carriers are tasked with transporting the vehicle itself; as they are on the road all day every day, unable to even talk on their phones while driving, they are hard-pressed to find new clients and new customers that they can transport vehicles for, get paid to do so and keep their businesses up and running.

So they rely on brokers. Booking with a broker is the best way to save money on your shipment (carriers will charge more if you ship with them directly as opposed to through a broker) and will ultimately get your vehicle picked up and shipped that much faster. We highly recommend searching for an auto transport broker, not only because you will save money and your vehicle will be picked up faster but also because you will have a lot more time to talk to your representative and will be able to call and ask questions at any time, as opposed to waiting for a call back from a carrier that can only talk during specific times of the day.

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