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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • How soon can you pick up my car?
    In most routes we are able to have a driver pick up a car within 48 hours of booking a reservation. If for any reason your vehicle is a little bit off the beaten path we might ask for a few more days cushion just in case.
  • How long will my transport take?
    Drivers drive around 600 miles a day, however keep in mind that loading and unloading vehicles does take time as well. As a general rule any cross country move (from coast to coast) is generally around 7 days while any transport from North to South is from 3-5 days. To find out about how long your exact route will take please ask your designed representative.
  • Is my car insured?
    Absolutely, all our truckers are fully insured bumper to bumper with no deductible for the customer. Drivers will perform a full inspection of the vehicle at pick up and also at delivery which will be signed by both parties. Once a carrier is selected we would be more than happy to send you their certificate of insurance.
  • Can I put items in my car?
    Technically auto carriers do not have a license for carrying personal or household goods, that being said we are aware that people are moving and do allow 100lbs of belongings to be put inside the vehicle. If you need more for whatever reason please contact us as exceptions can be made.
  • What does my price include?
    The prices are all inclusive, that means there are no additional fees, taxes or hidden costs. Things that go into the total tariff are tolls, gas, insurance and door to door service.
  • How does payment work?
    Our company takes pride in NOT charging our customers up front; unlike other companies that do ask for credit card info or deposits just to help you in the search for a carrier. Once carrier is found and agreement has been signed, payment is split into two: A small fee (usually around $150 to $200 depending on the transport) will be charged on a debit or credit card in order to process the booking, and the remaining balance is due to the carrier at delivery via cash, cashier’s check or money order.
  • What happens if there is damage done to my vehicle?
    While this is a very uncommon thing in the transport industry we always like to be prepared for any scenario. In the rare case where any sort of damage is done to a vehicle the most important thing is to always note it down on the bill of lading as this is would be the evidence that it occurred during transit so a claim can be filed after.
  • What type of trucks do you use?
    We have a large variety of trucks from small flatbeds for shorter routes to large double decker carriers for longer trips to enclosed trucks for a more private experience. Depending on what sort of transport you are looking for have the peace of mind that we will have the appropriate equipment for you!
  • Will my car be moved from truck to truck?
    Absolutely not! We deal with one truck and one trucker for all of our shipments. The same carrier that picks up your car will be the one delivering your car. We do not partake on terminal moves either where your car is dropped off and picked up by someone else. Your vehicle will not change trucks or truckers; once your car is picked up it will be a straight shot to its destination.
  • How can I track my car?
    While some carriers do possess GPS tracking there are also many that don’t, but fear not, we will always provide you with the carrier’s phone number so you can check on the progress of your transportation and of course feel free to contact your representative or any other member of our staff for updates as well.
  • What time will the trucker be picking up my car?
    We are aware that as customers you always want things to go perfect as do we. However, we ask for your understanding as trucking is a hard business to pinpoint an exact time due to many factors. What we have found that works best is for our carriers to work out a window with the customer and then call them when they are about an hour away. We are also aware that some customers are working with certain deadlines and factors like flights come into play and we always do our best to prioritize our customer’s timelines and work around them.
  • I live in a narrow street, how will the trucker access my road?"
    Most of our customers live in very residential streets and you will be surprised how close to your residence our carriers can get! In the case where the driver cannot get right to your front door he might ask you to meet him at a nearby street or parking lot where loading and unloading might be easier.
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