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Alaska Auto Shipping


Fast, Safe, Low-Priced & Reliable Auto Transport

  • Shipping for Individuals, Dealers, and Manufacturers

  • Direct Sailing from Seattle and Tacoma

  • Track Your Vehicle in Real Time via Satellite

  • Direct Sailing from ALL Alaska's main Ports to the main Ports of Seattle and Tacoma

  • FREE No Obligation Quotes


Port to Port Service


Door to port service​


Port to door service


values of ALASKA auto shipping

Your car, truck or RV have never been in better hands. If you need to move a vehicle to or from Continental US, Prestige Auto Transport is precisely what you need.

  • Safety

  • Reliability

  • Timeliness

  • Realistic Prices

These are the principles we follow as we strive for complete customer satisfaction.

The transport industry is booming, and it is now easier than ever to buy a car anywhere in the US and have it shipped directly to you.

Car dealers are still trying to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers. It is common for them to offer great vehicle prices but steep delivery costs because that´s where they get most of the profits from. 

Avoid being ripped off and contact Prestige Auto Transport Alaska.

Deal directly with our network of responsible and reliable haulers from all over the country, and get realistic and reasonable prices. 


why choose ALASKA auto shipping

Most people have issues with trusting one of their most important possessions to total strangers. Finding a reliable and responsible driver who also works within realistic budget limits is something that takes a lot of asking around.

Prestige Auto Transport has gathered the most extensive curated list of dependable and high-principled haulers that will be more than happy to safely and efficiently take your vehicle to and from Alaska and Mainland.

We only deal with fully insured drivers who have a proven record of timely and uneventful deliveries.

All of our 100% rated drivers are committed to taking care of your vehicle and delivering it in the same condition it was picked up. We make sure they all follow our signature 5 Point Inspection System. Your vehicle has never been in better hands.

For those who really want to protect their car from natural elements or possible harsh road conditions, we offer the option of enclosed haulers. This is the preferred choice when transporting brand new or exotic cars.

Our extensive network of drivers and service providers allows us to keep costs down and offer realistic prices for our services. We have our own fleet of Seattle owner-operators, giving us the ability to offer same day pick up services, and we also work on extended hours so you know we will always be there on time.

Alaska has been our main focus since we started in this industry as we know the particularities of auto shipping vehicles to and from the islands.

For some, moving your vehicle to and from continental America is not worth the cost. Many will tell you to sell your car and get a new one once you arrive at destination.

This is because they haven´t dealt with any solid company that offers both reliable and affordable auto shipping services in Hawaii.

You do not need to get rid of your car!

Get a free auto transport quote today, and you will see that, in our current market, it makes more sense to ship your car than go through the whole hassle of finding a buyer, and then getting a new car for a reasonable price.

There are bi-weekly direct sailings to and from all major ports. Guaranteeing a timely delivery. We have shipped tens of thousands of vehicles, guaranteeing reliability, safety, integrity, and affordability.

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